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Garage door torsion springs wear and break out due to constant raising and lowering of the heavy garage door. They may wear out due to the low quality, exposure to extreme temperatures or because the springs are old. You need to replace the springs if they have broken down. Replacing your garage door springs is a dangerous undertaking and you cannot do it unless you are a technician. The springs are under high tension and are tightly wound. It can lash out if mishandled and strike your car or the people around causing body injuries and sometimes death. If your garage door springs are broken, hire us to replace or repair them for you.

Here at Maple Valley garage door repairs, we are highly trained and experienced in replacing broken torsion springs. We will only use high quality springs that will serve you for a very long time without worrying about your family’s safety and thinking about replacement. We provide high quality repairs and replacements at very affordable prices. We also run our services 24/7 hours, and have a quick response to emergencies. Whatever time you need us we are available. Our expert technicians will inspect your entire garage door system to ensure everything is running smoothly and no safety threats to your family.

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